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A Survey on Major Infertility Causes in Crossbred Dairy Cattle Farms in Nyala City - South Darfur State - Sudan

The aim of the current survey was to detect the major causes of reproductive disorders in crossbred dairy cattle farms in Nyala City –South Darfur state. A structured questionnaire based on the survey objectives was used and SPSS software was utilized for the statistical analysis. The results of pertinent to the respondents indicated that the majority (69%) of herders ranging between age category (26 – 45) years, then those above sixty represented (15.4 %). Also, the results indicated that (73.1%) of respondents were married and the remaining (29.9%) were single. the major fertility defects identified in the study area were caused by environmental factors (53.8%), Both environmental and genetic factors (42.4%) and Physiological disorders represent (3.8%). In addition, absence of records (42.3%), failure of detecting heat sings (23.1%), absence of artificial insemination (AI) services (11.5%) and breeding bull (23.3%) all were also recorded as causes of infertility in crossbreed dairy cattle farms in the area of the study. The study confirmed that nutrition is the major recurrent cause of cattle reproductive disorders in this area, therefore, special attention should be directed through preparation of balanced rations for all nutrients, as well, other infertility causes should be seriously considered.

Infertility, Disorders, Crossbreed, Dairy Cattle, South Darfur, Nyala

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Eltahir, H. A., Ali, H. A., Mohammed, F. A., Mohammed, H., Mohamed, A., et al. (2024). A Survey on Major Infertility Causes in Crossbred Dairy Cattle Farms in Nyala City - South Darfur State - Sudan. American Journal of Zoology, 7(1), 6-11.

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Eltahir, H. A.; Ali, H. A.; Mohammed, F. A.; Mohammed, H.; Mohamed, A., et al. A Survey on Major Infertility Causes in Crossbred Dairy Cattle Farms in Nyala City - South Darfur State - Sudan. Am. J. Zool. 2024, 7(1), 6-11. doi: 10.11648/j.ajz.20240701.12

AMA Style

Eltahir HA, Ali HA, Mohammed FA, Mohammed H, Mohamed A, et al. A Survey on Major Infertility Causes in Crossbred Dairy Cattle Farms in Nyala City - South Darfur State - Sudan. Am J Zool. 2024;7(1):6-11. doi: 10.11648/j.ajz.20240701.12

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